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Mon 01 September, 2014
Our Citizens Advice Bureaux are accredited by Scottish National Standards Accredited Information and Advice Providers

Our Citizens Advice Bureaux are accredited by the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers.

North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service has achieved accreditation from the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers.

We are the first advice service to have received accreditation in North Ayrshire, and up to such a high level, for the advice and information services that we provide.

The accreditation standards were developed by the Scottish Government to ensure that advice services throughout Scotland are being delivered to an acceptable and consistent level.

The assessment process was extremely thorough and examined every aspect of North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service’s activities which included management, planning, accessibility, customer care and service provision.

What does this mean for you?

Where you see this certificate it means that when you visit, or contact, a North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau, and make use of our advice and information services, they have been independently assessed to ensure they conform to the relevant standards as set by the Scottish Government.

The certificate gives you the assurance the advice and information services you receive meet the set standard and are reliable and dependable.

Our advisers are trained to the nationally recognised and respected Adviser Training Programme, and this award recognises their hard work and achievement to deliver a free, professional, independent and confidential service to our customers.

Advice you can trust

The North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service, and our associated Citizens Advice Bureaux, have been serving the local community since the amalgamation of Cunninghame Citizens Advice, the Unemployed Workers Centre and Arran Information and Advice in 1998.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best advice and information services to help them make informed decisions to better manage their problems.

The Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers certificate is a sign that our advice and information services are services that you can trust, dependable and of the highest quality.

Read more about our award for the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers.

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