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Wed 17 September, 2014
North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service Benefits and Welfare Rights Service.

Benefits and Welfare Rights

Our specially trained Benefits and Welfare Rights Advisers provide presonalised, independent, confidential and FREE advice. Visit a North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau and we will help you receive what you are entitled to.

read more about our Benefits and Welfare Rights Service

Check your entitlement to benefits.

Benefit Entitlement Checks

Are you getting what you're entitled to?

An estimated £16.5 billion of means tested benefits and tax credits go unclaimed in the UK each year.

Our specially trained Benefits and Welfare Rights Advisers can help you claim any benefits that you may be entitled to.

read more about our Benefit Entitlement Checks

How to claim benefits

Claiming Benefits

How to claim benefit and help with claim forms.

The government has a range of benefits to provide opportunities and support. These are handled by various departments and agencies. If you are entitled to any of these benefits, you will need to claim them from the right place.

In this section we have provided benefit claim forms that you can download and complete.

read more about claiming benefits

Appealing against a benefits decision

Appealing against a benefits decision

If you think the decision is wrong...

If you think a decision about your benefits is wrong, you can ask the office that made the decision to explain it. You can also ask to get the decision reconsidered and, if you're still unhappy, you can appeal against the decision to an independent tribunal.

read more about appealing against a benefits decision

What to do if you are suspected of benefit fraud.

Benefit Fraud

What happens if you are suspected of benefit fraud

Committing benefit fraud can lead you to being fined or facing a prison sentence. In all cases you will have to pay back the money you were not entitled to. Find out more about benefit fraud investigation and where to get advice from if you are being investigated for benefit fraud.

read more about benefit fraud

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